US Economic Reports

ReportDescriptionDegree of ImpactApproximate Release DateSourcePeriod
CPIThe Consumer Price Index measures the average change in prices for a fixed basket of goods and servicesHigh10th Business DayLabour Dept. Bureau of StatisticsPrior month
Durable GoodsOne of a series of manufacturing and trade reports. Focuses on new ordersModerate18th Business DayCommerce Dept. Census BureauPrior month
EmploymentA survey of households providing very timely information on the rate of unemploymentVery highFirst Friday of the montyhLabour Dept. Bureau of Economic AnalysisPrior month
GDPGross Domestic Product measures the value of items produced within the USVery high20th Business DayCommerce Dept. Bureau of Economic AnalysisPrior quarter
Housing StatsMeasures new residential units started. Most signficant for financial markets during turning points in the business cycleModerate15th Business DayCommerce Dept. Census BureauPrinr month
Industrial ProductionIndustrial Production measures output in manufacturing, mining and utility industriesModerate15th Business DayFederal ReservePrior month
merchandise TradeDetails the monthly exports and imports of us goodsModerate to HighThird week of the monthCommerce Dept. Census BureauTwo months prior
NAPMThe (National Association of) Purchasing Managers Index is a composite index of new orders, production, supplier deliveries, investories and employment.HighFirst business day of the monthNational Association of Purchasing ManagersPrior month
PPIThe Producer Price Index measures the average domestic changes in prices, less discounts received, by wholesale producers of commoditiesHigh10th busineday of the monthLabour Dept. BureauPrior month
Retail SalesA measure of consumer spending. Reporting on sales of both nondurables and durable consumer goodsHighMid-MonthCommerce Dept. Census BureauPrior month
Unemployment Insurance ClaimsReflects actual intitial claims for unemployment insurance filed with state unemployment agenciesModerateEvery ThursdayLabour Dept. Employment and Training AdministrationPrior week