The Sun Has Risen On IT

When I look back at businesses over the years, IT people were at the bottom of the pile. They were the embarrassing ones the company hid in the basement or darkroom somewhere not to be seen by the business. Perhaps it was the way they dressed? T-shirt, socks and all in a corporate environment. Oh, and there were language differences too.

A conversation with an IT help desk went like this;

Conversation 1

You:” Hello, my application is frozen.”

IT: “Have you tried restarting your computer?”

You: ” Well, no. Why do I need to restart my computer?”

IT: “*&(#!! .Jargon speak”

You: “Ok. I will restart my computer now.”

You restart your computer, and it works! Wow, how did they know this was what the issue was? They are so smart.

Conversation 2

You: Hello, I am unable to connect to an application.

IT: Was the “exe” installed?

You: What is “exe”?

IT: It is the executable that runs when you click on your icon.

IT: In your search type “cmd” and go to the command window.

You: Where is the search?

IT: Explains…

You: I am in the command prompt.

IT: Type “ipconfig” …..

The acronyms are still there, but it is not limited to IT. You spend years learning how to spell words, only to contract them for whatever reason. A simple example will be, the “DB” is up and running? Are all the “apps” deploy correctly? Do we need to install “SSD’s”?

Fast forward many years later, we are now fully trained to restart our computers when we have issues. We know to save our work—years of hard work to prepare the masses to use computer technology has finally paid off. We are now in the cloud.

IT staff can now remote to your desktop and not ask you silly questions.

People are now using technology to make everyday life easy. The IT guy, well most have been brought out of the darkroom, and the sun is shining on them.

They are now the superheroes of the world. During the pandemic, IT companies are enabling businesses to move online. I know people are still asking were online is and what it means to be online, but that is a question for another day.

IT is here to stay. As we go into 2021, it will be interesting to watch how technology hardware and software will evolve.

In case you are still wondering what “IT” is, well, you can ask Siri or Cortina.

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