Technology – Weather meets scheduling

To all those out there who view technological advancements as a hype. Let me introduce you to storm ciara. Ciara is the storm that battered the UK today. See article

The effect was cancellations and more cancellations of trains, outdoor events, flights, etc.

Flight cancellations today at Heathrow T5.

I was set to take a flight at 14:30 (UK) today. Yesterday, yes yesterday, at 11 am or thereabout, I got a notification from BA saying my flight had been canceled. I had options to rebook which I did.

Flight cancellations today at Heathrow T5.

Now yesterday was sunny and dry and lovely. How wonderful that they were able to predict the exact time range the storm will hit the island and based on this reschedule/cancel affected flights.

A brief look into weather forecasting. Several models are used for weather forecasting with the aid of a supercomputer. Read a brief history here

Without meaningful insight into their operations, I can only assume that there was no army of schedulers rescheduling the flights and sending out emails. Perhaps someone to glance over but not entirely manual.

The display board immediately displays the cancellation message for the respective flights. Have you ever wondered what technology sits behind these? There are many out there. One of the technology in the ecosystem could be any message streaming application like Apache Kafka. What process exists to generate emails to all booked passengers in canceled flights? RPython, SQL batch job, Java? What email server is used to send out bulk emails to notify passengers? Outlook?

Technology is everywhere these days you might be forgiven for taking it all for granted.

So when next you are going about your daily routine see how technology is improving your quality of life.

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