Any Strategic Thinkers Out There?

Lately, I have seen the need for strategic thinkers in the decision-making process to transform society, environment and culture.

What are the characteristics of non-strategic thinkers? 

  • Decision-making process is slow. Dithering, procrastinating and uncertainty are words that come to mind. 
  • The review intervals are too short. Critical factors are not taken into account during the decision making process. It leads to decisions being revised often.
  • There is no clear vision. Businesses, departments, teams cannot take decisions because the vision is not clear. When the decision is made, it comes late. Those who are dependent on it now all have to scramble to meet deadlines and may be late in delivery.

Strategic Thinkers

Most definitions I have seen, define strategic thinkers within the context of a company. Strategic thinkers have no constraints. Their focus should be on their goal to provide a clear vision of the future. 

They can see how the future should be and what is required, and they communicate their vision clearly, and all stakeholders can see their role in this vision.

These thinkers are not concerned about limitations, technologies, legacy or resources. They are free of these shackles. They say this is where we should be, why we should be there and what we should do to get there. Some call them visionaries or pioneers.

Characteristics of a strategic thinker

  • Out-of-the-box thinkers. They are not constrained by the way things have been done already.
  • Explore the possibilities. They are willing to try different things and are not rigid.
  • Challenge the norm or so-called best practices. They look at best practices and standards and are willing to challenge them.
  • They are agile by design.  These thinkers can adapt and willingly embrace changes. 
  • They are disruptive and transformative. The strategic thinker brings about change in environment, society, culture, industries and governance.
  • Clarity of vision. Businesses, companies, departments can take decisions based on clear vision and guidance.
  • Fewer reviews. The vision is wholistic and principle-based in its scope and has timeless relevance.

Strategic thinkers can be found in any environment. Their title is no indication of who they are. 

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